16 junio, 2023 | 3mins

Nearshoring: New economic driver in Latin America?

31 mayo, 2023 | 2mins

The crucial role of technology in the supply chain

18 mayo, 2023 | 3mins

Boosting your company's success: How to improve supplier relations

12 mayo, 2023 | 2mins

Digital transformation: A key process in corporate procurement

9 mayo, 2023 | 3mins

How to improve efficiency in procurement contract management

27 abril, 2023 | 2mins

How technology helps reduce costs in sourcing processes

11 abril, 2023 | 2mins

The importance of communication between purchasing and finance

6 abril, 2023 | 4mins

How can collaboration between procurement and finance help your company during the recession?

29 marzo, 2023 | 3mins

Achieve savings by being "Customer of Choice" of your suppliers.

29 marzo, 2023 | 2mins

Cognitive Procurement: The self-learning technology that is revolutionizing enterprise procurement

28 marzo, 2023 | 2mins

Are you being efficient? Discover the best wherEX resources to optimize your purchasing management.

27 marzo, 2023 | 2mins

Startup wherEX adds Webdox services to its business marketplace

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