10 noviembre, 2023

Ebook: Transparency and Sustainability in Procurement

7 noviembre, 2023

Ebook: Tecnología aplicada a Marketplace B2B Impacto en Abastecimiento Empresarial

20 junio, 2023

Paper: The Impact of Data Analytics on Business Sourcing

19 enero, 2023

Ebook: 2023 Trends for Sourcing Savings

19 diciembre, 2022

Ebook: How to weather the global recession in 2023

19 julio, 2022

Ebook: Supply in Check: how to cope with the crisis

19 abril, 2022

Ebook: More Suppliers, The Formula to Save on Your Purchases

5 enero, 2022

Ebook: Procurement Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Age

15 noviembre, 2021

Ebook: Economies of Scale and Procurement

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