8 enero, 2024 | 5mins

Testimonios Clientes: wherEX, la plataforma de compras que todo ejecutivo debería conocer

1 marzo, 2023 | 5mins

Customer testimonials: Transparency and traceability can reduce costs in business procurement

1 marzo, 2023 | 6mins

Customer testimonials: Up to 25% savings for companies with wherEX purchasing platform.

11 mayo, 2022 | 2mins

Frutexsa in Chile has achieved savings of up to 25% in some of its purchases through wherEX.

21 marzo, 2022 | 3mins

Oxiquim in Chile will make 100% of its purchases in wherEX by 2023

25 enero, 2022 | 2mins

Deutsche Pharma improves traceability in procurement thanks to wherEX

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