DIPISA is a Chilean company with more than 40 years of experience in the distribution of paper for the printing industry. It also supplies specialist printers of books, magazines, paper bags and other products. Prior to the start of the pandemic, it incorporated into its business lines a high efficiency tissue converter and a manufacturing operation for product displays (PDQs) and high value boxes.

Along with the incorporation of these new business lines, DIPISA registered on wherEX, a B2B trade portal where its sales through tenders have increased by 20%. With this service, supplier companies can compete on equal terms and access greater demand at no cost and online. It is worth noting that suppliers registered with wherEX only pay a fee of 0.8% for each successful bid.

"The prices we sell through the portal are no different from the prices we use in tenders or direct sales. The effect comes from the costs, speed and ease of the process. It saves resources and time," said Sebastián Barrientos, the company's commercial manager.

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On the portal, suppliers can build their own profile to differentiate themselves from their competition in tenders. For example, they can add key information about their company, such as their certifications or catalogues. In this way, they can attract new customers. "When we don't use the platform we have to make a cold call, send mailings, go to see them in person and bring samples. All very necessary actions in sales, but they require time and resources," Barrientos commented on the significant savings that wherEX has generated for his company.

The executive also pointed out that DIPISA has been able to close tenders with major companies in the food, logistics and cement sectors thanks to wherEX. "The platform has allowed us to make management easier". He also highlighted the level of traceability and order offered by the portal, as each requirement clearly specifies the means and terms of payment, which translates into an efficient and fast sales process.

Another benefit highlighted by Barrientos is the user-friendly interface and usability of the tool compared to other similar services. "There are tools that have had the same technology for 10 years and are difficult to use. I believe that these platforms need to be Instagramised, that it should be almost as easy as looking at photos. And I think wherEX achieves that. In a world where you don't want to complicate technology and where technology is at your service, it's very important to have a user-friendly platform like this".

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