20 agosto, 2021 | 2mins

Transparency in bidding: PPU and wherEX join webinar on competitive integrity in the private and public sector

29 julio, 2021 | 3mins

WherEX introduces Artificial Intelligence to B2B tendering processes

6 enero, 2021 | 1min

Digital platform for suppliers increases tenders for SMEs by 25%.

18 noviembre, 2020 | 2mins

Bidding platforms and data-driven B2B e-commerce the new trend

13 noviembre, 2020 | 2mins

wherEX tendering platform transacting more than 400 billion in inputs and services in the aquaculture industry

30 septiembre, 2020 | 2mins

B2B trade opens up for SMEs thanks to wherEX

17 septiembre, 2020 | 2mins

Tender transparency and competitive integrity: EY, PPU and wherEX join forces in workshop series

22 julio, 2020 | 1min

Tendering platform launches sustainability seals for SMEs and local suppliers

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